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>> of live from berlin, this is "the journal." >> these are our top story of e middle east. utes -- the white house says it's doing all it can to protect american personnel. >> and they won on the ground for syria's new international peace broker as he arrives for his first official talks. >> of the german chancellor teams up with a bunch of football legend's to tell gay
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soccer para -- tell gay soccer players is ok to come out. >> disgusting and reprehensible -- washington has denounced a low-budget film that has sparked deadly attacks on u.s. missions across the arab world. >> that tension is highest in egypt and libya. the u.s. has sent two warships close to the coast of libya after the american ambassador was killed two days ago. >> there is also violence in to nietzsche, iran, iraq and yemen, where four people have died. >> a mob of protesters stormed the u.s. embassy, pushing through security and torching carse compnd. . . . . . . . . . shots and tear gas in an attempt to control the crowd. finally, they managed to force the protestors back.
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>> we entered the embassy gates and raised the flag of the profit. if we -- if they repeat this, we will come back until the are no ambassadors in the world and no americans either. >> the protesters are outraged over a film produced in the u.s. and insults the profit muhammed. washington has condemned the violence. the u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton, stressed the u.s. government had nothing to do with the video. >> this video is disgusting and reprehensible. it appears to have a deeply cynical purpose, to denigrate a great religion and to provoke outrage. but as i said yesterday, there is no justification, none at all, for responding to this video with violence. >> cairo has also seen angry protests.
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police sealed off the area around the u.s. embassy after the building was stormed on tuesday night. more demonstrations are expected tomorrow after friday prayers. earlier this week, and attack a u.s. consulate in libya killed an american ambassador and three other u.s. diplomats. u.s. officials suspect terrorists may have planned the attack. washington has been clear in placing the blame on extremists, not on the arab nations where the attacks took place. these demonstrators in tripoli agree. they say the attacks discredit islam. >> we are now joined by a member of the german institute for security affairs. we ask if these give us some sort of insight into the state of the arab spring. >> these events tell us what we have seen in 2011, the arab
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spring, was just the beginning of a longer phase of instabilit there will be islamist parties and groups that gained influence in a number of countries, especially the transformation countries like egypt, yemen, and libya. at the same time, the loss of stability, the fall of these authoritarian regimes means a loss of control of the government over what is happening on the street. i think we have to get used to these events and similar events in the future. >> none of this is new -- we had the mohammad characters in denmark and the preacher in florida who threatened to burn france. this unleashes anger in the muslim world, but is this an urgent and? >> i think it is genuine. there are a lot of arabs and muslims to believe they are on
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the defensive at the west wants to destroy their culture and their religion. this has mixed with the experience of recent years, the rock were and guantanamo, i think that is part of the reason the tensions are running so high right now. at the same time, the main factor in the escalation of these events from yesterday is that the former authoritarian regimes are now gone and people are free to better their anger. >> where are the voices of reason in the arab world trying to explain to the people that this film is not a product of the u.s.? >> i don't think you can reform these people, that you could call them to reason. these people are all over the place. we see that in libya, for example, or a large part of the population is rather pro-
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american and people have gone to the streets protesting the violence. people do understand they needed american help to get rid of muammar gaddafi last year. they're people who do understand this violence is pointless. but to a certain extent, our media is not very much interested in these voices of reason. what is interesting is the pictures from the american embassy in cairo, the pictures of the terrorist attack in benghazi and so on. >> thank you. the violence in his country is the last thing the egyptian president needs as he visits europe. >> mohammed morsi is here to lobby for economic aid and to show his the country is turning toward economic democracy. >> he hoped to use his trip to persuade leaders of his democratic credentials, but the visit was overshadowed by events
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back,. mohammed morsi told a news conference that he condemned up violence and pledged to protect foreigners in egypt. >> if one kills without justification, it is likely kill all of humanity. we will protect all visitors, tourists, and diplomatic missions. >> the european union's expectations of the first free elected egyptian leader are high. they hope the arab world cost is country will become a democratic blueprint for the entire region. to that end, leaders and europe -- european union have said that human-rights are indispensable. >> we have discussed this in very open terms. i believe in his sincerity about the principle of human dignity and respect for every human life. >> he says he has faith in egypt. the president of the european
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commission says brussels would provide cairo with advisers and 200 million euros to support democratic reforms in egypt. >> another day of fighting in syria and a fresh attempt at international diplomacy. >> lakhdar brahim is the second of a boy to try brokering peace and it's his second day in damascus. he know that he faces an uphill struggle. >> today, he meets at the foreign minister and tomorrow the president. this comes as rebel forces have gone into a key district of aleppo. >> the joint on voice of the un and the arab league arrived in damascus amidst what he called a deepening crisis. he was greeted by the deputy foreign minister. ordinary syrians pin many hopes on this mission, but lakhdar brahim warns of high expectations. >> i believe the crisis is worsening further. i think everyone agrees it is
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necessary to stop the bloodshed and restore harmony among the people. >> over the coming days, he is due to hold talks with the syrian president. as well as opposition leaders to remain in the country. the renewed diplomatic push comes as fighting continues elsewhere, like here in aleppo. an estimated 27,000 people have been killed in syria's civil war. >> it is the stimulus that investors have been hoping for -- the u.s. federal reserve has announced a new $40 billion bond buying programs. the move is aimed at bolstering the u.s. economy by buying mortgage-backed securities. there is no time limit on the program, but the fed indicated it will stay in place until there is a substantial improvement in the u.s. jobs market. >> now to one of the biggest losers of the day in corporate news -- eads investors are
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questioning the burgeoning -- the merger plan with bae. would make one of the giants of the aerospace industry even bigger. if they were to join forces, which is the power dynamics of everything from making fighter jets to jumbo jets. >> most of the success of eads is down to its airbus subsidiary. that accounts for three-quarters of the group's sales that keeps growing. the arms contracting side with a french-german company is small by comparison and has lost big contracts to its competitors. bae systems as almost a purely military are respire, producing tanks, warships and aircraft. the royal air force's-fighters, for example. bae makes most of its money in the u.s. where eads has failed to gain a foothold. that collaborate on various projects including the euro fighter.
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according to the plans, eads would hold 60% of the merged group to bae's 40%, with combined sales of 70 billion euros at 220,000 workers. the new company would be the world's biggest arms manufacturer, far surpassing bowling, for example. -- surpassing bowling, for example. germany and france will both have to approve the transaction. those are high hurdles. decisions are expected by mid october. >> let's get a closer look at how stocks reacted to that of other news. >> the news about the intent to merge shocked investors, the shares dropped like stones. bae windows 7% and eads lost a lot more than 10%. strategically, the experts say it makes good sense in the market these days, but investors fear through the merger process
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they could lose financially. besides that, the big topic of the day was the u.s. central bank, the fed. the problem is the news of whether it would buy bonds in order to support the ailing u.s. economy in the labour market their was not out until the end of european trading, so there was a lot of reticence to do anything. the fed will be the topic of the day on friday. >> time to check out the closing numbers -- >> the blue-chip dax in germany was down on the day. a similar story for the eurostoxx 50. the dow jones has rallied by nearly 2% on the news. >> and the german foreign minister has welcomed the victory of pro-european parties in general elections in the netherlands. >> he says the result will help
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stabilize the euro. the vote strengthen the european union and called the election a setback for nationalist and populist forces. the politicians in the netherlands are wasting no time getting started. the center-right prime minister of the liberals have started coalition talks with the center- left labor party. >> the two made gains in the polls at the expense of anti- european union parties. >> the dutch liberals are celebrating. the incumbent prime minister secure a solid mandate for his right-leaning party. he will likely have the country's next government and spelled out an ambitious agenda to the assembled crowd. >> we will make this country stronger of the crisis. but the financial sector -- put the financial sector in order and grow the dutch economy again. we will continue the progress of recent months. it has become clear our country
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is becoming more and more competitive. last week, our economy became the fifth most competitive in the world and we can do even better. >> coming in close second was the labour party. the leader has signaled he will join the centrist coalition with the liberals. the netherlands needs a strong and stable government has to as possible. from tonight on, the labor party will cooperate for this clause which will be reflected by the creation of a new cabinet. >> wednesday's big loser was the far right freedom party. voters rejected his anti- european union platform. the prospect of a pro-european union coalition was welcomed throughout europe. final reserve -- final results are expected on thursday. >> briefly -- to this piece of news and china -- 19 workers were killed after a construction worker -- construction elevator
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plunge for the 30th floor of an apartment building. >> chinese television says the accident was caused by broken cable. there were reportedly directors working at a luxury residential towers. authorities have launched an investigation into the cause of the accident. >> thank you for -- thank you for tuning in. we have more news coming away. >> shaykin, sir.
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-- shaken, not stirred. are you sure you could handle this? dirty water is the only drink children have and 3000 die every day. please get involved and make your donation at unicef. >> it has been a long battle. after months of legal upheaval, the german president has signed into law the eurozone's new bailout mechanism. >> germany's constitutional court struck down appeals to brock -- to block the esm, giving the german president the green light with restrictions. >> at the markets have clearly been happy with a seal of approval. stocks have been on the upswing in recent sessions. >> but will the euphoria hold? another move to prop up the euro credit -- remains
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controversial. >> the european central banks's recent efforts to stabilize the eurozone are controversial. they're raised concerns among the constitutional judges with the announcement that it could buy unlimited and bonds from troubled eurozone companies. the german government had been dead set against this rule, but berlin says it is not worry. >> the mandate are a set from printing money to finance countries. -- bars it from printing money to finance countries. i'm convinced that ecb has not crossed the line and will not cross it. >> but if the german constitutional court sees things differently, it could turn things over to europe's highest court. some opposition members are in planning on it.
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>> the european central bank actions go beyond monetary policy. their financing governments. these are political dealings that go beyond the bank's mandate. i expect the constitutional court will refer the matter to the european court of justice. >> germany's constitutional court says it is planning a hearing this autumn which could central bank could go protecting the euro. >> if the european commission has way, the european central bank will expand beyond the buyback. >> not everyone is on board. let's have a look back at how the european central bank has evolved over the years and where it could be headed. >> it has been years since the eurozone crisis began. unemployment keeps rising and street protests continue and the politicians are groping for
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solutions. markets and investors are constantly on the edge of hysteria. can central banks prevent disaster? the european central bank was founded in 1998, one year for the introduction of the euro. the european central bank is supposed to be independent of national governments and can order national central banks to print money. the mandate is laid out in a tree that prescribes tight limits on the role of the bank. chiefly, to ensure price stability. >> the european central bank was modeled on the german bank with a strong mandate drawn from german history to ensure stable prices. therefore, it was a promise to the german people the european central bank would focus on price stability.
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>> there are other approaches. the u.s. federal reserve has multiple goals to pursue, fighting inflation is one mandate. keeping interest rates low is another. the fed has to keep its eye on the u.s. economy. by encouraging hiring, it say the fact the second pillar, less independent than the european central bank and makes a bigger allowance for inflation to keep the economy supplied with liquidity. >> the question of which central-bank system is best can probably only be answered empirically. it is clear central-bank independence is core for preventing meddling, especially standing up to politicians would rather avoid paying for reforms and opt for easy money.
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>> but a european central bank is experiencing a revolution of sorts. its new president has announced a program of unlimited that purchasing to keep liquidity in the eurozone despite the threat of inflation. that means the european central bank has been driving policy instead of keeping a strong currency. more and more, it is acting like the u.s. said. critics say they are forfeiting their independence. there are also legal concerns. the treaty makes no provisions for unrestricted bond purchases. >> we can see that current decisions as a response to the policy maker's inability to push through credible reforms. various tactics have been used but none have worked. now, there are not many choices left. >> that is apparently the
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president of the european bank's opinion also. he could become a historic figure, leading the effort to stem the crisis. whether he succeeds is an open question. >> in just a minute, we will look at a private art collection housed in a berlin bomb shelter. >> here are some other stories making news from world. >> of the russian prime minister says he thinks jailed member of the punk band pussy riot should be released. he says a suspended sentence would be enough for the women sentenced to two years for singing and anti-government protests on at the cathedral in moscow. >> unicef has hailed a 40% decrease in trout mortality rates in the past decades. nearly 7 million people under the age of five died. one-third of the deaths were attributed to malnutrition. >> a group of cuban dissidents
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on hunger strike says its numbers have grown to 25. protestors have been refusing to eat since monday, demanding the release of dissidents after the pope paul's visit to the island in march. it is ok to come out -- that is the german leader's message to footballers. she says they live in a country with nothing to fear. >> one player on insisting on not being a non says he faces a daily battle over the fear and denial of his sexual identity. the same is true from migrant players. the top clubs in germany are right behind it. >> angela merkel journals -- joined some of the leading figures of german soccer to publicize the event. the slogan reads "go your own way." the german league is a melting pot, with players from 60 different countries and is a
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motivator for integration. >> social cohesion depends on providing children from migrant families the chance to better themselves. we want to encourage them. >> champions and will play at the weekend and at the chancellor plans to be in the crowd. they're a good example of successful integration. >> we have three polls, a brazilian, a player for australia and the other from serbia. >> but there are still races in the stadiums. abuses were shot at a black player. they say it needs to stop. >> we are making it clear the people who do not accept that have no chance. >> it the slogan "go your own way" will be printed on the balls. officials no more needs to be done. >> berlin is attracting even
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more art lovers than usual these days. >> it is berlin are weak and there are plenty of exciting places to discover. one of them is right in the center of the german capital. >> that is where an advertising all but -- entrepreneur has installed parts of this collection. >> behind these walls as one of the most spectacular private museums, the world war two bomb per in downtown berlin now serves as a fortress of contemporary art. none of the works are older than 20 years. he enjoys putting his collection on display. out of the total of 700 installations, paintings and photographs, he is showing 130 works. just before he was imprisoned by the chinese authorities, when artists set up this tree of
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march would. a hair dryer provide the heat to popcorn. bit by bit, the installation takes up more space. all of this is part of the second exhibition by an art collective couple. >> this is an exhibition you can hear. every floor has a different sound. that was not the case with their first exhibition. this was a lot more sensual. >> he is referring to works like this installation. she amplifies the sound of switching a neon tube on and off. the exhibition in the bunker stretches across five floors. anyone is invited to come as long as they register online. you can book your slot to visit. >> amazing what you can do with a bunker. >> indeed.
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nasa held a memorial service to commemorate neil armstrong, the first person to set foot on the mend. he died two weeks ago at age 82. >> mourners packed washington cathedral to remember armstrong who was hailed as a humble hero. a former test pilot, he led mankind into space as commander of the apollo leavened men landing. the man who famously said one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind for stepped on the mend. he will be buried at sea on friday. >> a giant leap for mankind. >> that's right. keep watching.
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